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It is time to put your life in ORDER!


“When death finds you, will it find you alive?”

African Proverb

Have you thought about the day you die, the days after, the weeks to come?

Will you have your affairs in order?

Will your children know what to expect or will it all be a surprise?

By making decisions for yourself now,
you free your loved ones from the burden of having to make those decisions while they grieve.

What are you waiting for?

It Is Time To Bridge The Gap Between Uncertainty And Preparedness

The truth is most of us have no idea how to start planning for our death.

The thought of it is confusing, complicated, and overwhelming;
we don’t know what to do so we do nothing.

Let’s face it, this strategy works… until it doesn’t.

There is a solution

Hello, I’m Loretta Omland

Creator of Living Life Defined

I was a single mom for most of my daughter’s life and I talked to her about death often. Not in a scary or negative way but in a manner assuring her that if something happened to me, she knew she would be taken care of.

I wanted her to know what to expect, where she would live and that no matter what, I wanted her to live a full and happy life. I reassured her that grief would happen and that she should feel all the feelings that came her way. While I knew she would undoubtedly miss me, I wanted her to live a full and meaningful life.

I later married and quickly understood the complexities of being in a blended family as related to end-of-life planning. Through my experiences, I recognized the importance of these conversations.

My goal is to help others navigate from uncertainty to preparedness and along the way, live an extraordinary life.

One day, we are all going to go...

Until then, let’s discover what it means to truly LIVE.

The Facts:

Unbelievable but True

Most of us have not talked with our families about our final wishes

Surprising Reality

Many of us don’t have our most basic information in order

Eye Opening Fact

We want to have our life in order, we just don’t know how to start

Shocking Truth

100% of us are going to Die

Result Driven Courses:

Organizing My Life

Once completed, you will have a comprehensive inventory of your life and your estate. This self-paced course offers 12 worksheets in 4 areas that you simply download and complete. An intro video in each area guides you. Imagine having one place to document all your physical belongings, personal and financial information, and digital life. Imagine having all your account numbers, passwords, and personal info at your fingertips. Also included you get 6 pages of the popular “Password Cheat Sheets.” This is a one stop shop for all your digital info.

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Coming Soon

All About the Legals

A comprehensive review of Wills, Trusts, and Advance Directives. While this is NOT legal advice you will gain the knowledge you need to make a more informed decision about setting up your estate. This is the gap between “I have no clue where to start” and “I need an attorney!”

Coming Soon

Resources to Get It Done

No more blind searches for the best resources. Up to date links and guides to getting your documents in order. Whether going straight to an attorney, using an online resource or a complete DIY is your choice, this handy guide will provide links and info on where you can go do get it done.

Coming Soon

Funeral Planning 101

Why would you have your family members make the decisions that are really yours to make? With your funeral planned, your loved ones will be able to spend time together reminiscing about memories and precious time, not making decisions about you!

All About Me, A Journal for My Family

This little gem is a 67-page prompted journal that captures the memories of you or your loved ones. To have our loved ones own handwritten memories, passions, challenges and what they hold near and dear to them is a gift to treasure forever. Gift this to your mother, grandmother, or those you love. A unique gift idea for anyone!

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What Others Are Saying:

Loretta has a unique way of understanding death. She helped me feel comfortable while talking through some tough topics about my blended family. I wanted to make sure my biological children were protected if something happened to me. I now feel that I have my affairs in order and my family knows my wishes.

Amy J.

I purchased Loretta’s “All About Me Journal” as a heartfelt gift for my mother. I was so pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and care that was put into the journal. The real treasure lies in having my mom’s most precious memories, captured in her own handwriting. My mom is still very much a part of my life, and now, with the journal, I feel a deeper sense of connection to her special memories. It’s not just a gift; it’s a timeless keepsake that ensures a part of her will always be with me.

Mandy M.

Loretta’s enthusiasm is contagious. She makes talking about death more about living a great life than dying.

Cheryl S.

Tomorrow is not promised!

Now is the time to protect your loved ones!

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