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Tomorrow is not promised
Capture your loved one's memories today! 

Living Life Defined presents:

'All About Me; A Journal for My Family'

A gift for yourself

A gift for your family

I want this Journal NOW!
It is time to capture memories!

To have our loved one's handwritten memories, passions, challenges and thoughts they hold near and dear to them, is a gift we give ourselves. 

  • Imagine having your mother or grandmother's handwritten memories and experiences. Her stories of childhood, her struggles, and her passions in one place as a lasting legacy.

  • Imagine having your father's written recollection of his childhood, his challenges and his memories written in his own words and with his penmanship. 

  • Maybe you are close with a special Aunt, your Godmother, or a friend; maybe you know someone who has stories and wisdom you would love to capture.

  • 'All About Me' can do all of this; this will be a truely timeless and cherished keepsake!

  • The truth is: it can be hard to talk about our personal experiences. 

    Imagine providing the place and the space for our loved ones to share their wisdom, their passions, and their special stories.

    That is exactly what this 67-page prompted writing journal offers! 

    With each page, our loved ones are prompetd to share their stories, to write something they may not be able to talk about, to let you know their legacy. 

    This journal becomes a sacred space where memories are captured. It's a sanctuary where legacy flows effortlessly, in a way to be shared with generations to come. 

    The journal includes four weeks of daily writing. Weekly topics include: memories, life lessons, passions, and gratitude. 

    This is a journal you give to your loved ones, ask them to write (or you can help them as well) when completed, it then comes back to you as a lasting legacy. 

    Get your Journal NOW!
    I want to capture precious memories today!

    Hello, I'm Loretta Omland

    As a wife, mother, daughter, stepmother and bonus grandmother to 13 grandchildren, Loretta Omland understands the significance of being in a blended family and the importance to all in the legacy we leave behind.
    Her journal, 'All About Me' is a testament to her dedication to providing a simple yet timeless method for anyone to capture the memories and legacy of their loved ones.
    Loretta's passion lies in embracing life, being in nature, and always being prepared for the future. She is the creator of 'Organizing My Life' a course to provide a thorough yet simplified method for anyone to organize their personal life, all account information, and all physical assets. By doing so, not only are you organized, your loved ones will not be left with chaos should an emergency occur. 

    Time goes by so quickly! 

    Writing about ourselves, those special occasions, childhood memories, challenges, and our passions gives us and our loved ones a deeper meaning of who we are and insight into who they are as well.

    What's in it for YOU?

  • The 30 day Journal, ready for download now

  • Print and share with those closest to you

  • A timeless peice of memorabilia 

  • Daily, thought-provoking prompts 

  • Designed to inspire creativity and mindfullness 

  • A perfect gift for any loved one

  • One time easy payment: $7

    Get your Journal NOW!
    One payment of $7

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